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Frequently Asked Questions
1) Why is the XPI 14MB?
We built this add-on using native code so that it doesn't affect the performance of your browser. Compiling the code to support multiple systems leads to a larger size XPI. Depending on your connection, it should still download in a minute or 2.

2) Why is AdBlockVideo not available on the Mozilla site?
We have submited AdBlockVideo to Mozilla for review and are awaiting their code review approval. Once approved, we will have all downloads from the Mozilla site. In the meantime, users can follow these instructions for download/installation.

2) What systems does AdBlockVideo support?
AdBlockVideo currently supports recent versions of Firefox running on: Windows 32/64 bit, Mac OSX 64, Linux 64 bit

3) How do I install?
Follow these instructions for download/installation.

4) Doesn't AdBlock Plus and other adblockers block video ads?
AdBlock Plus and others may block the video ad from showing, but users will still have to wait the duration of the ad for their video to resume. In addition, many other adblockers are detected and videos will not play. With AdBlock Video, the blocking is seamless (no wait time, no detection).

5) Does AdBlock Video work with Hulu?
As of 9/7/2011 it appears Hulu made a change to their site that limits AdBlock Video to blocking ads the same as other ad blockers (no ad is shown, but a wait time is required). If the show on Hulu is also available on a site we support (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, etc) we recommend viewing at those sites so you can take full advantage of AdBlock Video.

6) Does AdBlock Video work Aurora Builds?
AdBlock Video uses native code so we have to wait until Firefox releases the SDK for each browser release and then we can compile an update of the plugin using that SDK (usually this is not released by Firefox until Beta and may change up until the final release).
The reason we use native code as opposed to javascript is so that it doesn't affect the performance of your browser when the plugin evaluates each request to see if it's a video ad. Other plugins that use javascript to evaluate each HTTP request on a page can be overwhelmed and even crash the browser when there are lots of requests.

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